Artwork: Courtesy of Demuzi

Talk: Organized by MENA Prison Forum & UMAM D&R
A Conversation with Syrian Experts | Part II
Via Zoom
JUN 1, 2023

The MENA Prison Forum is pleased to host a second session to discuss the psychosocial effects of the experience of detention in Syrian regime prisons. This session seeks to continue discussing and assessing the basic needs of former detainees and psychosocial support in times of crisis. The session will focus on studying the reality of the pyramid of psychosocial needs based on the Syrian situation, starting with essential services, shelter, food, dignity, and human rights, and ending with providing the relevant specialized psychological support.

The session will also highlight the approaches that should be considered. Questions will be addressed such as can we work on psychosocial support associated with somatosensory rehabilitation? What map of services can be operated on and placed in a realistic framework? What is Psychosocial and other impacts experience on individuals in the absence of?

Time: Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 8 pm Beirut time.

Language: Arabic with English translation. The subsequent discussion will be both in Arabic and English.

Deadline for registration: Wednesday, May 31, 2023, by 12:00 Midnight Beirut time.

The session will include the following speakers:

  • Dr. Jalal Nofal: Ex-prisoner, psychiatrist, psychosocial support trainer in crisis, MHGAP Trainer in Primary Care. He worked for five years on psychosocial support programs for Iraqi refugees in Syria.
  • Dr. Ammar A. Beetar: He worked as a psychiatrist in public, private and currently still working in humanitarian settings, his work experience includes special focus on rape and torture survivors.
  • Omar El-Sayed Youssef: Has been working independently since 2016, providing specialized psychosocial training courses on communication skills for children who do not want to communicate. In addition, he gives psychosocial support to more than 60 community workers in north-western Syria.
  • Salah Addin Lakkeh: Bachelor of Psychology, trainer and supervisor in mental health and psychosocial support, He also works in MHPSS research and as a counsellor for torture survivors, NGOs workers and witnesses.